[mythtv-users] Web based 'cutpoint' editing

Mario Weilguni roadrunner6 at gmx.at
Mon Feb 6 19:59:53 UTC 2012

Am 06.02.2012 01:46, schrieb Anthony Giggins:
> What is the SQL query that fetches the Series dropdown list, this 
> doesn't quiet look complete?

It's within selectMovie.php

select title, count(1) as cnt, sum(filesize) as size
         from recorded r
        where transcoded = 0
          and deletepending = 0
         and not exists (select 1 from recordedmarkup m where 
m.chanid=r.chanid and m.starttime=r.starttime and m.type in (0,1))";
        group by title having count(1) > 1
        order by size desc


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