[mythtv-users] selecting a particular tuner

Mary Strimel mary.strimel at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 20:19:26 UTC 2012

I need help understanding mythtv's naming convention for tuner inputs.
 In my location, most OTA stations work better with the amplified
antenna, but two stations are happier with plain rabbit ears, so I
have both antenna types hooked to my HDHomerun.  The problem is that I
am having a devil's time troubleshooting the location of the antennas
given my bafflement about the input names.   From the menu ("m"
button) in live TV, the available inputs look like this:
C:2 l mpeg2ts
C:5 l mpeg2ts
C:6 l mpeg2ts
C:7 l mpeg2ts

but when I select different inputs, there seems to be no rhyme or
reason to which "C-number" is associated with which tuner.  I would
have thought 1,2 and 3 would be on Tuner0 and 5,6, and 7 on Tuner1 but
that's definitely NOT the case ... from the signal strengths, it looks
like 6 and maybe 1 are together on Tuner0, but I can't tell for sure,
and they seem to be change periodically (??).  Can someone explain?

I only need to be able to tape two shows at one time, but need them to
be reliable viz the reception.  Help!


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