[mythtv-users] MythicalLibrarian, symlinks and Myth: Will this work or will Myth lose its mind?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Feb 1 21:24:46 UTC 2012

On 02/01/2012 04:22 PM, Matt Emmott wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 4:12 PM, Raymond Wagner wrote:
>> On 2/1/2012 15:32, Matt Emmott wrote:
>>> If you'd like to see how MythicalLibrarian does its thing, here's the
>>> output from my log as it figured out a recording of In Living Color -
>>> Posted to pastebin at http://pastebin.com/HqPq265Q
>> I know the basic operation.  I spent a decent amount of time with the
>> author about a year and a half back working out some bad things he was
>> doing to the database, and trying to encourage him to learn a more
>> capable and more sensible language.  Of course I failed, because it was
>> already written in BASH, "which everyone knows is designed for textual
>> data".  All that built in capability for textual data must be why the
>> script is a mess of calls out to curl, sed, grep, and awk to fake XML
>> processing.
>> This script really kicked off my hatred of bash.  There's nothing
>> inherently wrong with bash, per se.  If you're doing some limited
>> variable manipulation, and just intend to string together or run
>> external utilities, it's great.  That, plus the fact that it's light
>> weight, and can be statically linked, is why it's used for init scripts
>> so often.  On the other hand, I see far too many instances on this
>> mailing list where people write absurdly long bash scripts, doing all
>> sorts of database manipulation, because bash is what they know and
>> they're afraid to leave their comfort zone.  That's not to say more
>> advanced interpreted languages are immune to that, as there are plenty
>> of other examples of things that would do well to be implemented
>> directly into the code base, but are left in perl/python because
>> "compiled languages are hard!"
> So, does anybody want to write a feature that does it "the right way"?  I
> need to read more about mythvidexport to see if it does what we're (I'm)
> looking for. I have a boatload of dual-opteron servers, anybody want to
> write this feature into Myth in exchange for some hardware? If I'm
> violating the TOS or good nature of this mailing list, then please
> disregard this as just a joke. :-)

After 0.25 is released, mythvidexport.py will be more likely to be able 
to do exactly what you want (i.e. using season and episode information 
from ttvdb to create the name) due to additional data available 
for/about recordings.


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