[mythtv-users] 0.26 recording rules - "not listed"

Adrian Saul sgtbundy at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 12:54:25 UTC 2012

On 19/08/2012 10:46 PM, Adrian Saul wrote:
> Picked up a slightly annoying bug with 0.26 tonight - my wife was 
> watching a show and decided to manually record the following program 
> in case this one ran overtime.  She went to the guide, picked the next 
> show and did a manual record.  Instantly the two other shows in 
> scheduled to be recorded tonight disappeared from upcoming recordings.
> If I look at the upcoming recordings there is nothing there to say 
> they are in conflict or anything, there are plenty of free tuners and 
> it seemed happy to record it before.
> If I pick the show in the guide it has nothing to say it wants to 
> record it.
> If I do a manual record in on the show, it shows up in upcoming 
> recordings and the guide as "Not Listed" (WTF does that mean, yes it 
> is, its right there).
> If I look at the recording rules it is there and I see nothing that 
> would prevent it recording, and preview changes shows it as "this will 
> be recorded" but it never appears in upcoming recordings.
> Viewing via the frontend of mythweb seem to show nothing different, 
> and I can find no errors or messages in the logs relating to this.
> Any ideas what is going on here?   The only work around seems to be to 
> switch to the show when it starts and hit record.

Actually I think this is related to the new timezone setup in 0.26 - if 
I look at the recording rule in the database, the last scheduled 
recording times etc are all local time, but the view in the frontend 
shows the last recorded at Aug 15 07:33AM when in fact it was Aug 14 
09:33PM  (I am GMT+10, so it seems to think the times in the DB are GMT 
not AEST).

Also the frontend seems to think the show is scheduled for 10AM-10AM in 
the rules overview.   The rule in the database has the startdate and 
enddate of today at 0:00, so +10 would make it be 10am.

I am not sure this should really affect it, because it is a "record any 
time on this channel" rule, and nothing to do with timeslots etc.

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