[mythtv-users] schedulesdirect not working

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Apr 30 18:46:45 UTC 2012

On 04/30/2012 02:24 PM, Greg Woods wrote:
> My ticket on this issue has been closed as an Upstream Bug.
> It turns out that this is a bug in Qt version 4.7.1, which happens to be
> the version that comes with Fedora 14. If your SchedulesDirect username
> has an "@" in it, then it will use the part to the right of the @ as the
> realm, which is totally broken. For me, I haven't any idea what this
> even means, and I've had the same SD username (and the same version of
> Qt) for a long time now.
> But I would like to express my appreciation to beirdo for the amount of
> time he put into figuring this out.


>   Who would have thought that a
> graphical tool kit would cause a bug in logging into a web site from a
> command line application?

FWIW, Qt is far more than a graphical toolkit--it is an entire 
development framework for C++.  It provides a higher-level library/API 
for C++ code than basic system/standard libraries.

> As I understand it, there are three ways to work around this:
> 1) Use a SchedulesDirect username that doesn't have an @-sign in it.
> 2) Use a different version of Qt (the problem is specific to 4.7.1)
> 3) Use something other than mythfilldatabase to do the grabbing, then
> use "mythfilldatabase --file" to load the data.

No, that will break your data.  No one should /ever/ use 
mythfilldatabase --file with Schedules Direct data.  

That said, now that the breakage is understood, #3 (even with --dd-file) 
should not be used by anyone, anymore.  #1 is the quickest, easiest 
solution (taking only seconds to implement).

> Right now I am using #3, but will switch to #1 as soon as I have time to
> play with it. In the longer term, I am well aware that Fedora 14 is past
> end-of-life, but upgrading the OS on my backend is a huge project that I
> haven't got time for now, and probably won't for a couple of months
> (I'll wait until Fedora 17 is released), and otherwise, upgrading Qt is
> very difficult, so I will use the workarounds until I find time for the
> "correct" fix.

Yeah, #1 is a good approach for someone on a distro that doesn't provide 
the option to upgrade the Qt version.


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