[mythtv-users] Number of virtual tuners

Pieter De Wit pieter at insync.za.net
Mon Apr 30 08:10:13 UTC 2012

On 30/04/2012 19:08, Simon Hobson wrote:
> Pieter De Wit wrote:
>> During the channel scanning phase a scan is done to see how many 
>> channels a card can tune to. This can be done to /dev/null to drop 
>> out disk/display and other bottle necks.
>> Once this number is known, Virtual tuners can be used to record from 
>> the real tuners. Virtual tuners is something that "we" control so we 
>> can limit them based on other factors. I am sure we can safely say, 
>> that you only need to display 2 channels at once (watch, someone will 
>> give us a screenshot with 4 PnP's :) )
> That won't help in the general case - there is more to recording 
> multiple streams than just getting them from the tuners and stuffing 
> them on disk, not to mention that if you have multiple tuners then the 
> system may not be able to handle the max no of recordings the tuners 
> are collectively capable of doing while it can handle the max for any 
> one tuner on it's own. It's been suggested earlier in the thread that 
> some other factors come into play - for example, what does it do to 
> the system when several recordings start at once and the <something> 
> kicks in to update the database ? Then you've got an arbitrary number 
> and type of user jobs, and an arbitrary number of frontends - in 
> theory there's no limit to the number of frontends/TVs someone could 
> have hanging off the backend.

I beg to differ - I think this can be done in code (mplayer does 
something like what I am thinking - your system is to slow to play 
this), but, since this seems to be the general feeling, I will leave it 
at that

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