[mythtv-users] Alternatives to MythMusic in 0.25, has anyone already found one?

Paul Harrison mythtv at sky.com
Sun Apr 29 12:03:30 UTC 2012

On 25/04/12 04:53, Eric Sharkey wrote:

Hi Eric,

Nice to see someone doing something positive for a change :) It's
against my better judgement but only because I'm in a good mood I
thought I'd try to address some of these issues :)
> 1.  There should be a top level menu entry called Path which can
> browse music by filesystem path.

The attached patch adds a Directory node to the playlist tree that
allows you to browse your music by filesystem path. It works exactly
like the existing nodes in the playlist editor so selecting a node will
either add or replace all the tracks below the node to the active
playlist. I've only done a quick test to see if it compiles and works as
expected so it needs someone to do a more thorough test. If someone
wants to give it a try let me know and I will quickly knock up a
mm_directory.png icon which is required for the gallery view. It would
be even better if someone with more artistic skill than me could come up
with some replacements for all the gallery view icons.
> 2.  There should be a single key press to get to the tree view, with a
> default binding of "3"

There is a move to get away from having to remember cryptic key presses
to do things that only work on one screen. The preferred method is to
use the menu to switch views. The old 'Play Music' and 'Show music
playlists' jump points still work AFAIK but I wouldn't bind one of them
to the '3' key because jumppoints are global and are executed before any
other action.

It would be easy to add some extra key bindings to the 'Music' context
to switch views. In main.cpp setupKeys() add

        "Switch to the playlist editor tree view"), "3");

and then in the MusicCommon::keypressHandler() add something like

if (action == "SWITCHTOPLAYLISTEDITORTREE" && m_currentView !=

a more generic method would be to use the existing NEXTVIEW and PREVVIEW
key bindings to cycle through the views but I seem to remember there
being a clash with the default NEXTTRACK and PREVTRACK key bindings. 
> 3.  "All Tracks" should be a selectable object to add all tracks to the playlist

If you want to add all your tracks to the playlist you can use the menu
'Quick Playlists->All Tracks. The attached (included with the directory
browsing patch) also allows you to select the 'All Tracks' nodes to add
all the tracks below the current node to the playlist. I also made it do
the same if you select any of the 'Artists', 'Albums', 'Genres' ...
nodes as well for consistency. Untested so needs someone to give it a spin.
> 4.  Any list longer than ~100 entries should automatically subdivide
> into sublists

I hated the split nodes which is why I didn't add them back. I know
opinion is split but using the search is far quicker at finding what you
want even when using a remote. The last time this was debated there was
some good ideas for making scrolling quicker the attached  implements
the simplest of those ideas allowing you to press '1' to jump to a
position approximately 10% into the list '2' would move 20% and so on. I
like this because it is generic and will work in all button lists. For
simplicity I've used the existing number keybindings I don't know if the
powers that be would prefer they where new keybindings like SCROLL10,
SCROLL20 or not. I can't see anyone wanting to use anything but the
number keys but 'there's nowt so queer as folk' as we say in this part
of the world :) 
> 5.  MythMusic should start on playlist tree view, rather than current playlist

I'm confused! We have two menu entries on the main menu one is 'Play
Music' the other is "Select Music' each one shows the relevant view when
selected why would you want that any other way? Maybe this is a menu
theme issue I use the classic layout which groups all the music menu
entries on the same menu. You can always switch to any view from the
popup menu available on every music view screen.

> Anything else?
> Eric

Paul H.
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