[mythtv-users] myth .25 verdict?

Dan Armbrust daniel.armbrust.list at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 21:21:44 UTC 2012

> Your scheduler issue sounds more like an issue with your setup than an
> inherent flaw in MythTV, I've never seen it do that and I have 6
> tuners.

Yea, I went around on the list about this before... it started
happening sometime between .23 and .24... but I was never able to fix
it.  Or get a lead on what was causing it, be it myth or config
related.  But it sure seemed like a bug to me that it wouldn't realize
it was already recording the exact same show, on the same channel.  I
even did  a clean install after a HD failure, and it was still

Not worth discussing again until I upgrade to current, at this point, however.

> I don't have an HDPVR anymore, but my parents have two, I've yet to
> see a 0-byte recording from them, though it could also be that it had
> to reschedule a recording because of an error that would normally
> leave a 0-byte recording.

My issue looked the same, but it wasn't HDPVR specific (I don't have
any).  Somewhere in the .23-.24 timeline, several things got broken
that resulted in 0 byte files, and then completely mishandling the
detection of a recording failure in those cases.  But most people
experienced it with the HDPVR... so it was hard to keep a clean thread
on the different but identical looking issues there.  But that has
gotten better on my system with the more recent fixes.  I just hope it
doesn't come back when I upgrade :)
> Metadata lookup has been much improved. I haven't noticed any false
> hits as when Myth is "confused" it will request user intervention.

Cool.  This is one of my biggest gripes.  The old system thinks it
knows best... and it had no useful off switch or override switch when
it went hayware.

> I don't use MythWeather for the same reason, so I have not yet checked
> to see, but I don't see how it could be any worse, and the Release
> Notes show some bug fixing and such has occurred.

Yea, I don't understand why that was even included in the previous releases.

Looks like I might have a Sunday project coming up as most people
appear happy with the upgrade.

Hard to get a good picture looking over the mailing list otherwise,
cause its usually just people commenting on what is wrong, not what is
right :)


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