[mythtv-users] My HDHomerun stopped working with MythTV, but ok in Windows

Jos Hoekstra joshoekstra at gmx.net
Wed Apr 25 12:15:55 UTC 2012

Op 24-4-2012 18:39, Kane Tse schreef:
> I have the older HDHomerun (white model with dual tuners).  After just
> over a year of reliable service in MythTV-0.24.x under Fedora, it has
> become nearly useless in the past week.   The symptom is an increasing
> amount of glitches in the recording, progressing to the point of being
> unwatchable.  It appears similar to when signal strength is low.
> I have the same antenna hooked up to a Hauppauge HVR-850 and the
> built-in ATSC tuner on my TV, and both can receive OTA signals
> flawlessly.  In fact, the HVR-850 is functioning 100% with MythTV, so
> it's not a signal problem.
> Initial Google searches pointed to the HDHomerun power supply, and
> although my power supply was not one of the recalled ones, I swapped
> out the HDHomerun with another power supply with the same specs, and
> the problems remained.  Then (returning to the original HDHomerun
> power adapter) I tried using the Silicon Dust's Windows program to
> access the HDHomerun, and the signal was perfect.
> Also did a test of my backend's network card, and don't see any packet loss.
> I believe from these steps, I have ruled out the following:
> 1) It is not a signal reception issue; as other tuners (HVR-850) are
> working fine.
> 2) It is not an HDHomerun hardware problem; as I can tune successfully
> from Windows.
> 3) It is not a playback issue - because older recordings can be played
> back successfully.
> I have not updated my Linux recently.  I am considering a complete
> wipe of Linux because I'm running Fedora 15, but that's a desperation
> move best left until after season finales have aired in May.
> Hopefully there are other alternate solutions I can attempt.
> Can anyone advise me on where to look?
> Thanks!

I have the exact same problem since switching to 0.25, for me it's only 
on the first frequency(304 MHz).
I rescanned, setup the whole channel-lineup again, but only on the first 
When monitoring the signal strength, quality and symbol quality the 
first is 92 and the others are 100 percent.
Sometimes it goes away after a while when image changes, from 1 program 
to another or when commercials are over.
When running hdhomerun_config_gui via forwarded X and viewing the 
channels affected, no glitches appear, even though image is stuttering 
due to forwarded X.
I also run tests to see if network was a problem using the commands from 
sillicon dust, these didn't show any error.

I'm guessing a bug-report should be opened, just trying to see what I 
need to put in it to make it a good one.

Jos Hoekstra

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