[mythtv-users] Alternatives to MythMusic in 0.25, has anyone already found one?

Dan Gravell dan.gravell at talk21.com
Wed Apr 25 11:16:36 UTC 2012

>I actually prefer to have Squeezeslave, it works well for my particular application.
>For my setup, I run TV and music audio separately - audio from Myth goes via HDMI to the TV, then from the TV to the amplifier, while music goes straight to the amp via an analogue RCA cable.
>This works for me because I never want to hear music from the TV speakers, nor do I ever want to listen to music and television simultaneously.
>As a side effect of the above, it doesn't make sense to have to start a program on the "TV" to listen to music, so having the Squeezeslave daemon run silently in the background works well.

That's a good point. Would also work nicely with having music on whilst doing other stuff with Myth, e.g. browsing pictures (I know MythMusic offers this, but I'd prefer to have all music integrated with the SBS).

BTW, Squeezeplay can also be used like this, at the cost of running the UI. In my office I have a Mac Mini which runs Squeezeplay and is essentially a daemon; I don't use the Squeezeplay UI, I control it from my separate workstation using the SBS web UI or the Android app. If this were the case with Myth, we'd need a way of bringing the UI to the foreground rather than starting/stopping it.


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