[mythtv-users] .25 on mac-mini

Sean Whitney sean.whitney at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 14:09:00 UTC 2012

On 04/23/2012 01:09 PM, Robert Birch wrote:
> At 9:40 AM -0700 4/23/12, Sean Whitney wrote:
>>On 04/23/2012 09:28 AM, Jean-Yves Avenard wrote:
>>>  On 24 April 2012 01:25, Sean Whitney <sean.whitney at gmail.com
> <mailto:sean.whitney at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>>>  My mac mini was almost flawless in playback under 0.24.  Now any 1080
>>>>  recordings play back with stuttering audio/video.  The HD test video
>>>>  under setup plays back flawlessly.
>>>>  I'm using the latest build on sourceforge.  I've attached log files of
>>>>  the playback error and specific of the file.
>>>>  Any help would be great!
>>>  Use the VDA Normal profile instead of VDA High Quality
>>>  I have serious doubt that what did play in 0.24 now wouldn't play in
>>>  0.25 all things considered. Mac mini with a nvidia 320M use a Core 2
>>>  Duo at 2.4GHz max, that doesn't have enough grunt for some of the
>>>  videos created by the HD-PVR
>>>  You must have changed something, such as the video type being decoded,
>>>  the video profile used to decode.
>>>  Were you using VDA with 0.24 too?
>>I've tried all the VDA (normal, slim) profiles with basically similar
>>results.  I was using the blit (xv-blit or quartz-blit) with the mini
>>prior to this.  I don't think the version of 0.24 had the VDA profile
>>included, or if it did I wasn't using it.
>>As for 1080 playback there were occasion blips or slow downs but it was
>>barely noticeable with 0.24 but now with 0.25 the 1080 content isn't
> I have the same issue. I upgraded to .25 from .24 on a linux backend and
> now none of my Mac frontends can play HD content. Even old recordings I
> made.
> If there is no or little movement, the recording will play fine. Once
> movement starts to happen, we have issues. This all played wonderfully
> on .24.
> I don't remember which playback profile I used on .24, but I have tried
> all of them on .25 and none work correctly.
> Hope someone can help,
> Thanks,
> Robert Birch
So there seems to be several individuals with the same issue:

1) HDPVR 1080 playback on mac-mini using 0.24 with the quartz-blit or
xv-blit profile was functional.
2) Upgrades to 0.25 has introduced a new performance bug that is
affecting all profiles available.  This bug is manifests as stuttering
audio/video.  Other types of 1080 encoded playback works great (ie, the
HD test video)

What can we do to help troubleshoot/fix this bug?



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