[mythtv-users] DB Backup Issues

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Apr 24 02:08:24 UTC 2012

On 04/23/2012 06:13 PM, Chuck Peters wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 8:49 AM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>> And to add another point to hopefully solve this issue, the
>>> mythconverg_backup.pl works from one of the frontends.
>> This implies that your MySQL server configuration provides different
>> permissions (and/or different passwords) for different "users".  In MySQL a
>> "user" is a combination of username, hostname (used to connect) and
>> password.  MySQL will always choose the most-restrictive of the user
>> definitions when the information matches multiple (i.e. an actual IP address
>> or an actual hostname rather than a wildcard definition).  Though your user
>> table implies that the password for mythtv at localhost is identical to the
>> password for mythtv@% (where localhost would be chosen in preference to % on
>> the host that's running the database server), it's possible that the
>> configuration didn't "take"--i.e. some distros seem to have broken MySQL
>> auth so that a GRANT/FLUSH PRIVILEGES doesn't actually work on its own--it
>> must be followed by a:
>> SET PASSWORD FOR 'mythtv'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('mythtv');
>> SET PASSWORD FOR 'mythtv'@'%' = PASSWORD('mythtv');
> My original email showed that is the settings I have [1].

Yes, that's what I meant when I said, "Though your user table implies 
that the password for mythtv at localhost is identical to the password for 

>    Does the %
> mean IP address only, and/or any hostname?

% is wildcard, matching anything and everything--so it matches 
mythtv at io.lan and mythtv at evillaptop.lan and mythtv at and 
mythtv at example.com.  It also matches mythtv at localhost, but since you 
have an explicit mythtv at localhost defined, it will take precedence 
(assuming both have the same restrictions in place--I think if they have 
different permissions, the more restrictive takes precedence).

> The original error message showed it connecting from io.lan, the FQDN
> in DNS bind, not the IP address.  If I try to set access from the .lan
> zone, would the following work?
> SET PASSWORD FOR 'mythtv'@'*.lan' = PASSWORD('mythtv');

You use % for wildcard in MySQL, so '%.lan', but then again, that's the 
same as '%', so it would only make things more complex with fallbacks.  
Just run the 2 SET PASSWORDs I gave (with fixed values for the actual 
password) and then FLUSH PRIVILEGES; and/or restart mysqld.


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