[mythtv-users] Alternatives to MythMusic in 0.25, has anyone already found one?

Scott & Nicole Harris snharris99 at live.com
Mon Apr 23 23:17:06 UTC 2012

>>>> I'm using XBMC for music and other stuff like iPlayer. I assigned an
>>>> unused button on my remote control to kill mythfrontend and start xbmc
>>>> and vice versa.
>>> Could you tell me how you set this up?  It sounds like something I would
>>> like to try.
>> - Open a terminal and start irw
>> - press the button on the remote you want to use
>> you should get something like this
>> 000000037ff07bf5 00 Clear mceusb
>> "Clear" is the name of the button and "mceusb" the name of your remote.
>> - create or edit ~/.lirc/irexec and add the following
>> begin
>>      remote = mceusb
>>      prog = irexec
>>      button = Clear
>>      config = /usr/local/bin/toggle_myth_xbmc.sh
>>      repeat = 2
>>      delay = 3
>> end
>> - write a little script /usr/local/bin/toggle_myth_xbmc.sh and make it
>> executable
>> With Mythbuntu this should work. Otherwise replace the first occurrence
>> of "mythfrontend.real" with "mythfrontend" and delete the line
>> killall mythfrontend.real
>> ------
>> #!/bin/bash
>> if [ `pidof -s mythfrontend.real` ]
>> then
>>          killall mythfrontend
>>          killall mythfrontend.real
>>          DISPLAY=:0 xbmc&
>> elif [ `pidof xbmc.bin` ]
>> then
>>          echo "Starting MythTV">>  ~/myth.log
>>          killall xbmc.bin
>>          killall xbmc
>>          DISPLAY=:0 mythfrontend --service&
>> fi
>> -----
>> - add irexec to the programs to start at login and logout and back in
>> Now it should work
>> Thomas
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>Thanks.  I'll give it a go.


There's a much cleaner way to do this that doesn't require ungracefully 
killing processes everytime you want to switch programs.  Copy 
/usr/share/mythtv/themes/defaultmenu/library.xml (or whatever menu you want 
to put it in) to ~/.mythtv (so you don't have to redo this every time you 
update myth).  Edit ~/.mythtv/library.xml and add a button to open XBMC 
where you want it (I put mine after "Listento Music")....

    <text>Launch XBMC</text>
    <description>Open XBMC media center</description>
    <action>EXEC xbmc-standalone</action>

Then when you want to use XBMC, go to Media Library -> Launch XBMC and off 
you go.  When you're done, close XBMC properly (with the exit option from 
the remote) and you're back to MythTV which was waiting patiently 

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