[mythtv-users] Disk Space Way Wrong

Don Lewis dl-mythtv at catspoiler.org
Mon Apr 23 04:55:45 UTC 2012

On 22 Apr, Raymond Wagner wrote:
> On 4/22/2012 06:57, Andy Sheen wrote:
>> Mike Perkins wrote on Sun 22 Apr at 11:39 UK time
>>> Why complain that it takes over the entire screen? When I'm doing setup
>>> I want my entire attention to be on a task that it's very easy to screw
>>> up. While it's away doing things I can always Alt+Tab to whatever else I
>>> have open.
>> Because in the default skin (at least in 0.23 which I'm using) it takes
>> up THE ENTIRE SCREEN and if you are using dual monitors, that means it
>> takes up BOTH screens, often putting the bit you are interested across
>> the split in the screens.
> Rather, the default UI settings take up the entire screen, as the UI is 
> primarily used for the frontend, which makes sense to use the entire 
> screen.  The skin/theme has absolutely nothing to do with it.  It will 
> take however much room you specify it use in the frontend, and will 
> follow command line overrides such as --geometry XxY, --windowed, and 
> --mouse-cursor.

Thanks!  I'll try that next time.

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