[mythtv-users] Disk Space Way Wrong

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Sun Apr 22 10:39:31 UTC 2012

On 21/04/12 23:14, Don Lewis wrote:
> On 21 Apr, Simon Hobson wrote:
>> Ronald Frazier wrote:
>>> So I have to go downstairs, drag a monitor over to it and hook it
>>> up, do what I need, and then put everything away after I'm sure I've
>>> done. Now, when I need to do something in mythtv-setup, that's fine.
>>> But when I can do something in 5 seconds instead of several minutes,
>>> I'm gonna spend the 5 seconds.
>> Why do you waste all that time and effort ? I run mythtv-setup from
>> my desk - just "ssh -X<user at backend address>" and fire up
>> mythtv-setup. It fires up in an X session right here on my laptop.
>> OK, many many years ago you needed to "know incantations" to get
>> remote X displays working, but the "-X" (or "-Y") option in SSH does
>> it all automagically.
> Same here.  I've got a combined FE/BE, but I still run mythtv-setup more
> frequently from my desktop using ssh than I do from the living room
> where the FE/BE and TV are located since my desktop has a much more
> ergonomic configuration for using a keyboard than what I've got in the
> living room.
> My only complaints are that mythtv-setup paints the screen very slowly
> over ssh, and it takes over the entire screen.  I'm looking forward to
> the upcoming switch to web based configuration.
I do the same (mythtv-setup over SSH) and I've never seen slow painting of 
screens. I suggest you look for other reasons for the slowdown.

Why complain that it takes over the entire screen? When I'm doing setup I want 
my entire attention to be on a task that it's very easy to screw up. While it's 
away doing things I can always Alt+Tab to whatever else I have open.


Mike Perkins

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