[mythtv-users] hdhomerun and 0.25 gives me artifacts on HD channels

jakommo jakommo at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 10:02:56 UTC 2012


I'm having trouble using my hdhomerun (HDHR3-EU) on mythtv 0.25. All the SD
channels are working fine but on HD channels I get artifacts on LiveTV and
I have a dedicated frontend/backend machine where I installed mythbuntu
12.04 Beta 2 (mythtv 0.25) + all updates for mythbuntu and mythtv.
On another partition of the same machine I have my old installation of
mythbuntu 10.10 (mythtv 0.23-fixes) where everything works fine including
the HD channels, so I think its not an hardware failure.
First I thought it was an VDPAU problem but the artifacts are also
appearing using a non VDPAU profile.
Using hdhomerun_config_gui and vlc from 12.04 HD works fine.
As I'm aware that mythbuntu 12.04 is still in development I installed
mythtv 0.25 (atrpms) on my CentOS 6 fileserver and used my Desktop as a
fronted (Fedora 16 also atrpms). Same thing there, the HD channels have

A while back I already posted my problem on the mythbuntu forums, but as it
seems its not a mythbuntu only problem. (I'm not familiar with the rules of
the mailing list, is it ok to post the link to the forum here? I posted my
logs there)

I live in Germany and the setup is a satellite signal converted to cable.
As it works on 10.10 I think its not a problem.

Everyone here has  hdhomerun working with 0.25? (in Germany?)
Any ideas what I can try?

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