[mythtv-users] Disk Space Way Wrong

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Sat Apr 21 21:01:34 UTC 2012

Ronald Frazier wrote:

>I do 99% of my work on my mythbox from my windows system through SSH.

Ditto, apart from using a Mac rather than windows.

>... my mythbox is in the basement, tucked away in a corner where it 
>is unobtrusive for the family. Unfortunately, a side effect of that 
>is that I don't have room to leave a monitor hooked up.

Almost ditto - it's in a cupboard under the roof, it does actually 
have an old tiny 10" screen attached but the only time I use that is 
if I'm fiddling with it's boot setup etc. Haven't switched the 
display on for some time - I could do without it but I'd only have to 
find space elsewhere to store it.

>So I have to go downstairs, drag a monitor over to it and hook it 
>up, do what I need, and then put everything away after I'm sure I've 
>done. Now, when I need to do something in mythtv-setup, that's fine. 
>But when I can do something in 5 seconds instead of several minutes, 
>I'm gonna spend the 5 seconds.

Why do you waste all that time and effort ? I run mythtv-setup from 
my desk - just "ssh -X <user at backend address>" and fire up 
mythtv-setup. It fires up in an X session right here on my laptop.
OK, many many years ago you needed to "know incantations" to get 
remote X displays working, but the "-X" (or "-Y") option in SSH does 
it all automagically. It's built in to OS X, dunno what's needed to 
make it work in Windows - but if you work with Unix-like system then 
it's worth finding out.
I've run entire KDE desktops like this in the past.

It seems really odd when I do have to work on a real console, such as 
when I've a machine that won't boot properly.

Having said that, I can see the point of symlinks (all them all the 
time myself), but I find it hard to get excited about using them to 
point Myth at it's storage directories. I can see why people might 
want to use them, but if it matters to you, then you could pick up 
the patch and submit it properly - as long as it doesn't break 
anything then I'd imagine it could be taken up.

Simon Hobson

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