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Thu Apr 19 13:27:37 UTC 2012

On Thu, April 19, 2012 12:11, Simon Hobson wrote:

> Wrong, because the source code you would be offering is **NOT** the
> source code that can be used to build what is being distributed. This
> is one step past the TiVo problem.
> With TiVo, they were in compliance (with GPL v2) because you could
> have the source code that would build exactly the binary they were
> installing - but they keyed the bootloader/'bios' so that it would
> not load anything else. So you could build the same binary, but you
> could not modify the code *and* have the bootloader boot it.
> Technically in compliance with GPL v2, but in practical terms useless.
> With Apple, there is another step in the build process between what
> the developer submits and what is delivered to users. So the source
> the developer has will not build what the end user has.

Unless you consider submitting the App to the app store part of the build
process. It is possible to submit the provided source to the App store and
get the same result as the original developer - the original developer had
to do the same to end up with the app in the first place. What Apple add
isn't 'functionality', it is code required to run on the platform, and
unlike the Tivo problem you mentioned they explicitly provide a way of
getting your code signed to run on the device. You can also modify the
code yourself and resubmit it to the app store, hence allowing
distribution of modified code.

>>What is the primary contradiction with the GPL is that Apple enforce
>>extra restriction through their DRM. You can't install the application
>>you purchase on more than 5 devices, and you can't re-distribute it.
>>GPL strictly forbid applying re-distribution restrictions.
> Correct.

You can re-distribute it by uploading a copy to the Apple store. You could
also get it on more than 5 devices by uploading a copy, setting the price
to 'free' and using a separate itunes account for each 5 devices.


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