Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Apr 17 18:08:55 UTC 2012

Brian J. Murrell wrote:

>  > Meanwhile, Chris has just forbade us from helping support tuner cards,
>>  cable cards, remote controls, HTPC cases and motherboards, etc..
>>  all of which are "commercial" products.
>That's not how I understood his message.

Did you read the same message - it was **very** clear, even it it 
(probably) didn't say what he meant to say.

The words he put were "... not to be used for advertisement or support of any
commercial products, whether they be MythTV related or not".

Forbidden is support of any commercial products - so as Mark said 
(and I mentioned earlier) that excludes support of tuners, video 
cards, remote controls, motherboards, cases, TVs, etc, etc. Ie most 
of what goes on in this list.

I dare say he meant "... by their vendors" but he didn't write that. 
If you are going to slap someone down for transgressing the rules, 
you really ought to try and get them right yourself.

But the rest of the thread has been quite informative and educational 
- it's certainly given an insight into the personalities of a number 
of people. It's also gone on and created more traffic than the thread 
that was being complained about which would almost certainly have 
fizzled out of it's own accord somewhat sooner.

Simon Hobson

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