[mythtv-users] Mythbackend Service not starting up after 0.25 upgrade

A Desai ashu.desai at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 17:44:52 UTC 2012

I updated my version to 0.25. The make installs went fine for everything.
Now, when I tried doing "service mythbackend restart" - it gave me the


Stopping mythbackend:                                      [FAILED]
Starting mythbackend: ****************************************************
 WARNING: --logfile has been removed as of MythTV 0.25
          This option has been removed as part of rewrite of the logging
interface. Please update your init scripts to use --syslog to interface
with your system's existing system logging daemon, or --logpath to specify
a dirctory for MythTV to write its logs to.

mythbackend version: fixes/0.25 [v0.25-17-g682e6f5] www.mythtv.org

MythBackend is the primary server application for MythTV. It is
used for recording and remote streaming access of media. Only one
instance of this application is allowed to run on one host at a
time, and one must be configured to operate as a master, performing
additional scheduler and housekeeper tasks.

Misc. Options:
-d OR --daemon              Fork application into background after startup.
--noupnp                    Disable use of UPnP.
-O OR --override-setting    Override a single setting defined by a
key=value pair.
--override-settings-file    Define a file of key=value pairs to be loaded
for setting overrides.
-p OR --pidfile             Write PID of application to filename.
--printexpire               Print upcoming list of recordings to be expired.
--printsched                Print upcoming list of scheduled recordings.
--setloglevel               Change logging level of the existing master
--setverbose                Change debug mask of the existing master
-h OR --help OR --usage     Display this help printout, or give detailed
information of selected option.
--version                   Display version information.
--testsched                 do some scheduler testing.
--user                      Drop permissions to username after starting.

Logging Options:
--loglevel                  Set the logging level.  All log messages at
lower levels will be discarded.
                            In descending order: emerg, alert, crit, err,
warning, notice, info, debug
                            defaults to info
--logpath                   Writes logging messages to a file in the
directory logpath with filenames in the format:
                            This is typically used in combination with
--daemon, and if used in combination with --pidfile, this can be used with
log rotators, using the HUP call to inform MythTV to reload the file
--nodblog                   Disable database logging.
-q OR --quiet               Don't log to the console (-q).  Don't log
anywhere (-q -q)
--syslog                    Set the syslog logging facility.
                            Set to "none" to disable, defaults to none.
-v OR --verbose             Specify log filtering. Use '-v help' for level



Under /etc/init.d/mythbackend - I changed "-- logfile "$LOG_DIR/$LOG_FILE"
"$LOG_OPTS"" to "--logpath "$LOG_DIR" "$LOG_OPTS"

That gave me the error above. Do I need to make any further changes? I
guess it's running a 0.24 script and needs some changes for 0.25?

If i just run from CLI --

/usr/bin/mythbackend --logpath "/var/log/mythtv"

it runs and sits like:

[root at mythtv mythweb]# mythbackend --logpath "/var/log/mythtv"
2012-04-17 12:37:04.182443 C  mythbackend version: fixes/0.25
[v0.25-17-g682e6f5] www.mythtv.org
2012-04-17 12:37:04.182529 N  Enabled verbose msgs:  general
2012-04-17 12:37:04.182800 N  Setting Log Level to LOG_INFO
2012-04-17 12:37:04.182954 I  Added logging to the console
2012-04-17 12:37:04.188381 I  Added logging to
2012-04-17 12:37:04.188409 I  Added database logging to table logging
2012-04-17 12:37:04.188658 N  Setting up SIGHUP handler
2012-04-17 12:37:04.188832 N  Using runtime prefix = /usr
2012-04-17 12:37:04.188861 N  Using configuration directory = /root/.mythtv
2012-04-17 12:37:04.189185 I  Assumed character encoding: en_US.UTF-8
2012-04-17 12:37:04.190518 N  Empty LocalHostName.
2012-04-17 12:37:04.190544 I  Using localhost value of mythtv.local
2012-04-17 12:37:04.190882 I  Testing network connectivity to ' '
2012-04-17 12:37:04.194716 I  Starting process signal handler
2012-04-17 12:37:04.194990 I  Starting IO manager (read)
2012-04-17 12:37:04.195201 I  Starting IO manager (write)
2012-04-17 12:37:04.195392 I  Starting process manager
2012-04-17 12:37:04.375860 N  Setting QT default locale to en_US
2012-04-17 12:37:04.375899 I  Current locale en_US
2012-04-17 12:37:04.376011 N  Reading locale defaults from
2012-04-17 12:37:04.403348 I  Current MythTV Schema Version (DBSchemaVer):
2012-04-17 12:37:04.404553 I  Loading en_us translation for module
2012-04-17 12:37:04.406716 N  MythBackend: Starting up as the master server.
2012-04-17 12:37:05.017152 I  V4LChannel(/dev/video0): SetInputAndFormat(6,
NTSC) (v4l v2) input_switch: 0 mode_switch: 0
2012-04-17 12:37:05.018551 I  V4LChannel(/dev/video0): SetInputAndFormat(6,
NTSC) (v4l v2) input_switch: 0 mode_switch: 0
2012-04-17 12:37:05.107198 I  Found 1 distinct programid authorities
2012-04-17 12:37:05.112880 I  New static DB connectionSchedCon
2012-04-17 12:37:05.114381 I  Listening on TCP
2012-04-17 12:37:05.114450 I  Listening on TCP
2012-04-17 12:37:05.119648 I  Listening on TCP [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1]:6544
2012-04-17 12:37:05.800694 I  Main::Registering HttpStatus Extension
2012-04-17 12:37:05.805391 I  Listening on TCP
2012-04-17 12:37:05.805528 I  Listening on TCP :6543
2012-04-17 12:37:05.808371 I  Listening on TCP [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1]:6543
2012-04-17 12:37:05.814687 N  AutoExpire: CalcParams(): Max required Free
Space: 1.0 GB w/freq: 15 min
2012-04-17 12:37:08.132959 I  Reschedule requested for id -1.
2012-04-17 12:37:08.956686 I  Scheduled 158 items in 0.8 = 0.07 match +
0.76 place
2012-04-17 12:37:08.973238 I  Scheduler: Seem to be woken up by USER
2012-04-17 12:37:15.114509 I  Running housekeeping thread
2012-04-17 12:38:24.817947 N  AutoExpire: CalcParams(): Max required Free
Space: 1.0 GB w/freq: 15 min

Any help is appreciated.


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