[mythtv-users] 0.25 Music & Videos Questions

Michael Watson michael at thewatsonfamily.id.au
Fri Apr 13 00:36:40 UTC 2012

On 13/04/2012 10:32 AM, Scott & Nicole Harris wrote:
>> Anyone?  Especially question #1.  What do I have to do to not have to 
>> re-select my music every time I go into it?
> OK, this is seriously starting to make me drink.  I figure the problem 
> *has* to be that we are now forced to use playlists and I don't have 
> any playlists set up.  So, I dutifully go through and select a bunch 
> of songs -> Menu -> Playlist Options -> Save to New Playlist -> name 
> it "My First Playlist" -> OK.
> Go to the tree view, scroll down the first level to "Playlists", 
> there's "My First Play List" with all my selected 
> songs....YAYYYY!!!!!!  -> Select My First Play List -> Replace All and 
> start listening.....YAYYYYY!!!! x 2
> I then reboot (the acid test), go to Media Library -> Play Music ->  
> "You haven't selected any tracks to play" -> "Are you #%%@^%# kidding 
> me?" -> Go to first level of tree view (which is also never 
> remembered, you have to reselect your last view *every* time you start 
> listening to music) -> Scroll down to "Playlists", "My First Playlist" 
> -> "** Empty Playlist!! **" -> "Are you #%%@^%# kidding me?" x 2
This works for me.  Ubuntu 10.04, mythfrontend version: fixes/0.25 

> Has MythMusic actually been reduced to such a level that it is 
> actually this clumsy and unusable?  It can't even do tasks as simple 
> as save a playlist or remember your previous selections across 
> reboots....or provide the method to do so simply enough that a 
> professional IT admin can't even figure it out? I mean if you're going 
> to force playlists down our throats, wouldn't it be nice if you could 
> actually create and save one.....and have it stick with more than just 
> the name?
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