[mythtv-users] What theme is this?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Apr 12 19:03:46 UTC 2012

On 04/12/2012 02:22 PM, Mark Boyum wrote:
>> Which should now be available in the Theme Chooser for 0.25 users.
>> Note, also, that there's another version called Steppes-narrow.
>> John Poet actually went to the trouble of making both a widescreen version
>> /and/ a 4:3/square/narrow version for those who still use 4:3 displays!!!
> Which is much appreciated by those of us with only 4:3 displays!  :)
> No point buying new TVs / Projectors when the old ones still work as
> well as the day we got them.

You just had to rub it in, didn't you.

2 days ago, the color wheel on my 6-yr-old DLP HDTV broke (with an 
alarming crack and then a loud broken-fan kind of sound).

Now trying to decide whether to throw good money after bad (let's just 
say that because the tech was new and because it's a 68" HDTV, I spent 
quite a bit on that TV 6 years ago) with the knowledge that the DMD/DLP 
chip/light engine could then fail at any time (where a replacement light 
engine would cost ~$1200--more than many new HDTVs).  It looks like it 
will be about $200 in parts to fix my current TV--which is a significant 
portion of the cost of a new TV/projector.

I remember CRT TVs that used to work forever.

I really want my FED/NED/SED TV.  Stupid Nano-Proprietary/Applied 
Nanotech.  They successfully sued Canon--the only licensed user of their 
tech--to the point that Canon decided to stop all production of the tech 
(so at least Nano-Proprietary will never make another cent on the 
patents).  Now, if only Motorola would get NED to production or someone 
else would do another (non-SED/not-covered-by-Nano-Proprietary patents) 
FED implementation and bring it to market.

I was really hoping to hobble by with my current TV--but without a lot 
of repair costs--until either LED-pixel-based TV's were 
price-competitive or until FED (something /much/ better) came along.  
LG's 55" OLED is acceptable (better than an LCD or LED-backlit LCD), but 
I won't be buying it for $8K.  Sony's CrystalLED (Silicon-based LED) 
displays would be about the same, but they haven't announced pricing.  
And, it seems that AU Optronics may be the last remaining hope for FED 
(Field Emission Display), but since they don't have money to burn, I 
expect their efforts will take years.


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