[mythtv-users] Labels instead of Recording Groups

Christopher Kerr mythtv at theseekerr.com
Thu Apr 12 03:26:34 UTC 2012

On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 12:27 PM, James Linder <jam at tigger.ws> wrote:

> On 12/04/2012, at 5:36 AM, mythtv-users-request at mythtv.org wrote:
> > In an age where strict "folder based" organization is losing it's
> appeal, I
> > find that recording groups are very frustrating.
> >
> > Both my personal and work emails are organized using labels (categories
> in
> > MS Outlook).  I frequently assign multiple labels to a single email and
> > when I click on the "folder" representing that label I see all the
> > associated emails, even if they appear in other "folders" too.  I haven't
> > moved email out of my inbox folder in years, opting to filter it with
> > labels instead.
> >
> > Currently we have several hundred recordings, many of which 3 or more
> > members of my family are interested in watching.  While we can mark an
> > episode watched, or move it to someones recording group... there is no
> way
> > to easily know if everyone interested has watched it so either it sits on
> > the system until I can get everyone in the same room and go through them
> > all... or we delete recordings that not everyone has seen; both options
> are
> > frustrating.
> >
> > I would like to propose a bounty to have recording groups replaced by
> > labels, similar to labels in gmail; I would be willing to contribute $40
> > for this feature and would like to see if anyone else would be willing to
> > add to it.
> [snip]
> | Anybody else want in on this bounty?
> All the standard tools eg tar not working on a directory of files but
> instead a gigantic sea of tagged files!
> A whole layer of complexity to overcome a simple, elegant and functional
> system??

Huh? This post is talking about a proposed extension/replacement for
Recording Groups - one of many existing pieces of recording metadata that
has absolutely nothing to do with filesystem organisation!

- Chris
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