[mythtv-users] audio randomly cuts out when recording from PVR-350

Dan Christensen jdc at uwo.ca
Wed Apr 11 20:59:16 UTC 2012

Andrew Stadt <acstadt at stadt.ca> writes:

> On 10/04/2012 7:29 PM, Dan Christensen wrote:
>> I have used a PVR-350 for recording SD output from a cable box for about
>> 7 years.  Lately, it has randomly stopped recording audio now and then,
>> about once or twice a week.  If I unload and reload the ivtv drivers,
>> the audio recording works again for a few days, but then stops working
>> again.  It is definitely a recording issue and not a playback issue.
> This is the lead-in to the kind of behaviour which lead me to believe
> that my 150 was dying, and sure enough, it completely gave up the
> ghost on Monday.  FWIW: It ran for over 3 months with these occasional
> glitches before it died.

I guess it could be a hardware problem.

Does anyone else have any suggestions for how to debug this further?
[More details are in the original message.]



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