[mythtv-users] .25 on ubuntu 12.04 still doesnt tune SBS or 9 in Melbourne

Matthew Hubbard hubrat at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 09:27:19 UTC 2012

Hi Anthony,

I'm a HVR2200 user in Melbourne. I'm still on 0.24fixes so haven't
tried 0.25 yet. I also have a Leadtek DTV2000DS and this is my

I do a normal channel scan in the backend. The DTV2000DS locks onto
all channels just fine but the HVR2200 won't lock onto 9, SBS or 31
because of the off-sets.

In the backend channel editor I manually edit channels 9, SBS, 31
(can't remember if I needed to do GEM, GO, SBS2 etc) to add in the
125kHz offset.

Now both the HVR2200 and DTV2000DS lock onto all channels. I don't
know why the DTV2000DS can lock on fine with or without the offset yet
the HVR2200 can't, don't know if it's firmware or mythtv related. Was
very frustrating trying to troubleshoot until I found out about the


On 10 April 2012 16:11, Anthony Hill <arhill at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey all,
>  ..bit disappointed to see that .25 on the latest (as of a couple of days
> ago) 12.04 ubuntu beta still does not handle tuning offset stations (in
> Melbourne, that would be SBS and 9) correctly using my PCIe Hauppauge
> HVR2200 card.
> Or am I missing something ?
> This is a serious, documented bug (#9777, #9167) that has been affecting
> many thousands of users for years. The workarounds I have come across are
> technical, complex, and I suspect, incomplete.
> What would it take to get something like this fixed ?
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