[mythtv-users] UK DVB-S Channel Numbering

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Apr 10 10:06:12 UTC 2012

Mike Perkins wrote:

>The transport data includes the location of the transmitter as a 
>name. These can clearly be seen if you scan using the dvb-xxx 
>utilities, so could easily be added to the dtv-multiplex table as an 
>extra field (if that helped).

That would probably be useful for some users - your situation would 
seem to be a prime example of the problem.

>As it is I get three: Oxford first (poor) then Hannington 
>(excellent) then Crystal Palace (middling). Unplugging the cable, 
>especially as my MBE is stuffed into a cupboard, isn't practical.

I suspect it's the same for many users - MBE stuck somewhere "out of the way".

>To get only Hannington, with the channels numbered properly, 
>involves several scans of different types. Not all scans fill in all 
>the fields in the transport and channel tables, so repeats are 
>required to set everything up properly - and to eliminate unwanted 

As I say, it doesn't affect me, but is this written up anywhere in 
the wiki for those it does affect ?
I have to admit that I'm not aware of the differences in data filled 
in - I'd assumed that (for example) "scan a single frequency" would 
put the same info in the database as a full scan - but only that 
which was found by scanning that frequency.

Simon Hobson

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