[mythtv-users] UK DVB-S Channel Numbering

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Apr 10 07:06:19 UTC 2012

Mike Perkins wrote:

>What I'm saying is that the postcode-region mapping is... inexact. I 
>know you rely on users to provide you with better data, how can we 

I'd have thought it would be better to have users identify their 
transmitter - though I know some will struggle with that.
I'm OK here as I only get Winter Hill, but I have friends that can 
get both Winter hill (main transmitter 40 miles away) and the local 
infill repeater (<1 mile away and well off-axis for the antenna). 
People like this are always going to be a problem as they tend to get 
2 of most channels - one of which is poor quality. In the case of my 
friends (and I don't think this is unusual), the local repeater is on 
lower frequencies and so they get unusable channels in the main slots 
and the usable ones get shoved up to 800 on a "standard" freeview 
box. The trick is unplugging the cable till the scan has gone past 
the local tx.

In these situations, do the channel identifiers have anything to 
differentiate them, or would that have to come from the transports 
table ?

Hmm, memo to self - will need to retune them sometime to get the 
latest channel changes.

Simon Hobson

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