[mythtv-users] mythv 0.25 issues

Scott & Nicole Harris snharris99 at live.com
Sun Apr 8 22:53:27 UTC 2012

>>> And, as far as 0.25 goes, nothing in the 0.25 upgrades should cause any 
>>> issues with any 0.24 database.  So, could it have just been something 
>>> like the above?
>> I don't use the backup / restore scripts when doing my upgrades.

>You mean the scripts that check the database/schema to make sure you don't 
>miss steps like dropping the database and that do a ton of other checks for 
>things that users tend to forget that we've determined over the years cause 
>problems after the restore "succeeds"?  ;)

Yes, that would be the one.  Though as I said, when doing a restore, I 
always drop the existing mythconverg schema (which is usually from a fresh 
installation) manually before restoring to make sure it's gone.  So I'm not 
sure I see the difference, I am putting back my data clean, not "merging" it 
with existing data.  Even if I forgot to drop it once or twice that Saturday 
morning, we're talking several attempts that failed, and each time I started 
over again with the same db backup (i.e. I never made another one after my 
initial)...I didn't forget to drop it every time.

That said, point made :).

>Well, if others have problems, please get me logs.  I keep hearing about 
>issues, but haven't seen any usable bug reports or logs (and my 
>upgrades--from 0.21 schema, until that was no longer supported for master 
>and now from 0.22 schema--work perfectly with full plugin schemas and 
>everything, and I do them about once a week to try to make sure there are 
>no problems).  And my Magic 8 Ball hasn't been too helpful at finding 
>issues, so I really need those logs.  :)

And apparently a new and improved Magic 8 Ball. :) 

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