[mythtv-users] Channel scanning failure in 0.25-rc with HVR-2250 or HDHR-US

Anthony Messina amessina at messinet.com
Sat Apr 7 10:50:37 UTC 2012

Using 0.25-rc, updated to master at 71a024d on Fedora 3.3.1-2.fc16.x86_64,
I am unable to successfully perform a full scan using either my HVR-2250
DVB/ATSC tuner or my HDHR-US tuner (the old style one).

The log output when configuring the HVR-2250 is as follows and I am not
able to show a subtype:
CoreContext cardutil.cpp:414 (ProbeDVBType) - FE_GET_INFO ioctl failed
(/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0) eno: No such device (19)
CoreContext diseqc.cpp:359 (Load) - DiSEqCDevTree: No device tree for
cardid 5

And the scan for the HVR-2250 shows (similar output for either aadapter0
or adapter1):
SignalMonitor dvbchannel.cpp:1022 (GetSignalStrength) -
DVBChan(7:/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0): Getting Frontend signal strength
                        eno: Invalid argument (22)
SignalMonitor dvbchannel.cpp:1051 (GetSNR) -
DVBChan(7:/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0): Getting Frontend signal/noise
ratio failed.
                        eno: Invalid argument (22)
DVBRead mpeg/mpegstreamdata.cpp:362 (AssemblePSIP) - Error: offset>181,
pes length & current cannot be queried

The scan for the HDHR seems to be more successful, until the end, when
the log shows the following for every frequency it finds:
Scanner hdhrstreamhandler.cpp:408 (TunerSet) - HDHRSH(1011DACC-0):
DeviceSet(channel qam256:867000000): ERROR: invalid channel

In either case, I am not able to scan for new channels using a full scan
as both full scans return no results

A scan of existing transports works fine on either type of tuner and I
am able to tune any of the channels I do have in the db without issue.

Unfortunately, I'm using Comcast here in Chicago, and the fools mess
around with the channel layouts all the time so any pointers would be
appreciated ;)

Enjoy the weekend and thanks in advance.  -A

Anthony - http://messinet.com - http://messinet.com/~amessina/gallery
8F89 5E72 8DF0 BCF0 10BE 9967 92DC 35DC B001 4A4E

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