[mythtv-users] Schedule, tablet and mythweb

Jos Hoekstra joshoekstra at gmx.net
Thu Sep 29 18:55:26 UTC 2011

Op 29-9-2011 16:39, Phill Edwards schreef:
>> I'm using the Asus Transformer and have no trouble at all, it works
>> pretty much like a normal netbook.
> Do you know if you can install VLC media player on that so you can
> play recordings on the tablet by streaming them from mythweb?
I can stream them using the default flashplayer of mythweb, I didn't 
install vlc, it's not in the market and the link on XDA doesn't give me 
much to go on at first glance.
I'll look into it this weekend, read somewhere that several people had 
succes streaming with setting up vlc as a backend. But imho that's more 
hassle than it's worth considering I hardly ever watch recordings that 
way, if myth provided the same mechanism Plex does I'd be happy to pay 
4-5 $ to get is as an app on my TF.


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