[mythtv-users] duplicate recordings

Dan Armbrust daniel.armbrust.list at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 16:50:36 UTC 2011

> First up, is it really a disaster if you end up with two copies
> of some things?  All you have to do is delete a file.  It would
> be much more annoying if there was any other type of mistake.

Its rather annoying.  And most of the time, one of the files is cut
short.  So you need to sort through each time before you watch

Also, this seems to be a regression.  I never used to have this
problem with older versions of mythtv.

> Can you work out if the copies are coming from the same place
> or different places?  If you have only one tuner then the
> answer should be easy.

I have 3 tuners assigned to one input.  The recordings are coming from
different tuners.

> Can you work out if there is anything "interesting" about your
> program guide?  My first guess would be that your guide gets
> updated data to reflect reality (which is a good thing, but
> rather confusing).

Dunno.  Any display of the program guide I look at looks perfect.  I
haven't even noticed any duplicates ever listed in the upcoming
recordings section.

It just messes up at record time, and randomly fires up a second tuner
when it has no business doing so.

If someone gives me instructions, I can pull some rows out of the
database the next time it happens, and post it so someone who knows it
can look and see if the data is wrong in the DB or not.

If the scheduler in myth can't figure out that it is already recording
channel X on input Y.... and does the same thing twice... it sounds to
me like the scheduler is broken.

> What sort of rule(s) are you using to record the duplicates?

Any time, channel X.

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