[mythtv-users] Playback problem -- random short pauses

Mark Boyum mark at boyum.us
Thu Sep 29 16:18:43 UTC 2011

> Hello, I don't know how to make wrapper script, I am new on this. I
> will appreciate any help. Thanks for all your help and best regards.

Here is the script that I've put into place.  Keep in mind that I'm
running the Ubuntu packages and the location may be different
depending on your distribution and installation.

#Begin Script


# Script to reduce CPU impact of preview generation at the end of a recording.
# mv /usr/bin/mythpreviewgen to /usr/bin/mythpreviewgen.real
# copy this script to /usr/bin/mythpreviewgen and make it executable.

nice -n 19 mythpreviewgen.real $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8

#End Script

I've tested that mythweb still generates previews by deleting all png
files from one directory and then hitting mythweb and watch the png
files return.

Hopefully we'll see tonight if this helps while we watch Grey's
Anatomy.  Usually we're about 15 or 20 minutes behind live and
experience playback pauses when Grey's is done recording and Private
Practice begins.

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