[mythtv-users] Too much time on LiveTV change

Tim Draper veehexx at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 13:33:58 UTC 2011

just to add my 2cent in here - from a new-ish user perspective (been using
mythtv for 6-9months), then livetv tuning delay is an annoyance, and while
shouldnt be consided 'critical', should be addressed at some point. It would
be good to reduce that delay.
imo, the project should be interested in such a solution as mythtv is an
entire package, and not soly a recording device.

i also use the livetv function as a primary function, and recorded shows as
a close second.

based off the comments in this thread, the devs obviously feel different and
have aimed the project more towards the recording functionality than
anything else.
i see mythtv as an entire package; live tv, recording, and media streaming
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