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We very rarely watch any liveTV in our household and use myth the
way it was intended.  My other half enjoys her soaps each evening
but these are mostly watched as in-progress recordings for
example emmerdale which starts at 7pm means she doesn't have to
sit in front of TV at 7pm and instead she can watch it at 7.20pm
or when she chooses and also skip the commercials.
My advise to anyone using live tv is to record everything you
regularly watch and make the watch recordings screen the place to

I use livetv when I am trying to aim the antenna :)  Flipping
through is a chore, but it isn't a regular activity, so it isn't
a biggie.  Also watch Live TV when a storm is rolling through, or
a major news event.  Again, flipping is my least concern -
however I am also OTA - if I was on cable it might be more of an

But, having the preview info screen before you change makes it
much less painful, and again, I agree with everyone elses advice
- just make ANY show you might be interested in record - and set
the shelf life on them to disappear after a few episodes... we
love Simpsons reruns in syndication, but only keep 5 and delete
the oldest - that way if we see them, great, if not, they go
away.  Any of the new shows on the network we have a seperate
rule and KEEP those.
Kris B.
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