[mythtv-users] Mixing dvb-t2 and dvb-t tuners.

Simon Jones sijones2010 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 06:52:00 UTC 2011

> Chris Simmons wrote:
>>We've just gone through digital switchover here and I'm thinking of
>>getting a dvb-t2 tuner to compliment my nova-t 500 dual dvb-t tuner.
>>My question is how would I go about setting this up?  I currently
>>use the rt xml grabber and would like to continue doing so.
>>I'd guess I'd have to do this
>>1) Make a new dvb-t2 source (I've got one called dvb-t2) and connect
>>the new tuner to it.
>>2) Make a second rt-xml config that includes hd channels for dvb-t2.
>>Or perhaps I should just shunt it all under one input source?  I'd
>>imagined that this would result in it trying to record dvb-t2 stuff
>>on the dvb-t devices though.
> Last bit first - no you can't put them all in the same input group !

As Simon has said, separate input groups, mine are called Freeview,
Freesat, FreeviewHD

> I believe what you need to do is define an input for DVB-T devices,
> and another for DVB-T2 devices. Do channel scans for both - so one
> input picks up the SD only channels, the other picks up SD & HD
> channels.

Wouldn't recommend keeping the SD channels on the HD tuner, I'd scan
and then manually insert the records, choosing only the HD, so BBC HD,
BBC 1 HD, ITV HD, C4 HD this way you can do multirec across all the
channels as they are on the same mux without needing more than the one

> It should then "just work". HD recordings won't get schedules on the
> T inputs as they won't have the channels listed against them. While
> SD recordings will get schedules on both the T and T2 inputs.

Be aware that a scheduled recording rule of anytime any channel will
cause a record on HD and SD at the same time.

> One minor complication is that you'll need to configure Udev to make
> sure that your cards have consistent names - otherwise it's possible
> for your T and T2 tuners to swap round and then you'd get failed T2
> recordings.

Don't touch udev, it's easier to put in modprobe.d/ a file like
dvb-adapters.conf and then a line like option em88xx adapter_nr=2

That's how I number all my tuners to keep them in the right place.

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