[mythtv-users] two active recording rules force a later recording?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Sep 29 05:01:46 UTC 2011

On 09/28/2011 03:46 AM, Bill Bogstad wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 10:59 PM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> On 09/25/2011 06:05 PM, Bill Bogstad wrote:
>> Are you saying it records the later showing instead of the first showing
>> (versus saying that it records both showings)?
> Under upcoming recordings, it showed that it would record just the
> later showing.  I didn't wait for this to happen and forced a
> recording of the earlier showing when I noticed it.
>> If so, MythTV only does that if you have a conflict wherein
>> higher-priority shows occupy all tuners on the first airing or when you
>> tell MythTV to record the later showings with:
> There were no conflicts during the earlier showing.  I believe that
> "Pan Am" was a show where this was happening.  In the case of "Pan
> Am", all of my tuners were shown as idle for hours around the earlier
> showing on Sunday and it was still going to record next Friday's
> showing.
>> Reschedule higher priorities
>> Move higher priority programs to other cards and showings when resolving
>> conflicts. This can be used to record lower priority programs that would
>> otherwise not be recorded, but risks missing a higher priority program
>> if the schedule changes.
> I don't think this should be relevant as all tuners were idle so there
> were no conflicts to resolve.

Then the only way that it would choose to record the later showing is if 
the later showing had a higher priority than the earlier showing.  For 
example, if you had a low-priority first-episodes custom rule (that 
matched the first showing) and a higher-priority series rule for Pan Am, 
it would record the later showing.  This is why I have my First Episodes 
rule set to inactive--so it marks the episodes, but it does not actually 
record them.  Then, around new-season/mid-season/summer-season start, I 
just look through Upcoming Recordings to find the first episodes and 
then create series rules for those I want to record (i.e. everything 
that's not a reality series).

Also, I should mention that if you use the evil input priorities or the 
often-evil channel priorities, they could cause different showings to 
have different priorities.  See section 12 of the HOWTO for details 
http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-12.html (the section anyone who 
has any channel or input priorities should read).

>> (which is enabled by default).  You can disable that setting, then it
>> will always record the first showing (except in the above-mentioned case
>> of conflicts, at which point you can add manual overrides to do what you
>> want).
> I checked and I do have reschedule higher priorities turned on.  But
> as I said, I don't see how that would matter if there weren't any
> conflicts.  Unfortunately, I can't find any pilots in the future whose
> Schedules Direct listings match the record all first showings of
> pilots rule as well as having a repeat broadcast in the two week
> window that the listings cover.
> In a separate issue (not really a problem with MythTV),  I found a
> non-repeat pilot showing which doesn't match the rule because its'
> Schedules Direct episode number does not end in a 1.  It appears on
> the ABC network: Last Man Standing on 10/11.  While doing a listings
> search for pilots in general, I found a number of other pilots which
> are repeats from previous seasons whose episode numbers also don't end
> in 1.

Yes.  Networks are airing a /lot/ of series out of order--therefore, the 
hack that's using the TMS programid to determine whether it's a new 
series first episode is incomplete.  You would need additional criteria 
for matching first episodes of out-of-order series.  That said, the hack 
is better than nothing.

An alternative approach is to use a New Title search--which will work 
for anyone, even users who do not use Schedules Direct for their 
listings source (i.e. even XMLTV users in areas other than North 
America).  This will flag any show with a title that hasn't been seen in 
listings in the last 11 months, so you can decide whether to record it 
or not (and, because it's the last 11 months, it will allow you to see 
the holiday specials, again, each year).

>    So it would appear that the record all non-repeat pilots rule
> isn't all that great anyway.  Still it would be nice to know why the
> earlier showing was going to be ignored.


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