[mythtv-users] PXE booting (was Spin up delay for HDDs)

Andre mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Wed Sep 28 16:15:23 UTC 2011

On 28 Sep 2011, at 13:20, Ronald Frazier wrote:

>> I recently found some Crucial m4 SSD's on sale for around $85 and bought two
>> of them for my frontends.  I've never seen the ION be so responsive moving
>> through the menus, etc.  What I thought was IR lag in the past was proven
>> incorrect.  The ION was slow because of the crappy OS media (PXE+NFS or
>> USB).  So far I've been happy with the local SSD in each frontend.
> Are you sure it was the NFS that was the problem? Were the files for
> your PXE stored on the server using a traditional hard drive or an
> SSD?

I have a PXE booted NFS mounted frontend where the boot files are on an SSD, it's shared with mysql and the master backend system files but it's still very quick. I seem to need to manually trim the drive when it slows a little but then it's seriously quick.

I do have IR lag but if I plug in a keyboard it's instant.


> If it was a traditional drive, was that drive also used by
> something else (your server's OS drive, or multiple frontends, or
> maybe even your mysql database)? It would be really unfair to host
> multiple systems on a single HD and then just claim that NFS was the
> problem, when I'd suspect a more likely cause there was slower I/O
> disk being overworked. Now if it was an SSD in the server that the
> files were stored on, then I guess yeah...NFS would be my guess
> (assuming you have no network issues otherwise).
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