[mythtv-users] two active recording rules force a later recording?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Sep 27 02:59:34 UTC 2011

On 09/25/2011 06:05 PM, Bill Bogstad wrote:
> I have one of the canned custom recording rules set up to record the
> pilots episodes of all new shows:
> program.first>  0
> AND program.programid LIKE 'EP%0001'
> AND program.originalairdate = DATE(program.starttime)
> I'm in the USA so this rule is getting lots of hits due to new shows
> starting.   In some cases, I know that I want to record all the
> episodes of a new program so I've already added explicit rules to
> record them.   After I do this, the scheduler is deciding to record a
> later showing of the pilot if there is one available.   This happens
> even though all of my tuners are completely inactive when the pilot is
> being broadcast for the first time.
> My record all pilots rule has a lower priority then my explicit show
> rule in case this might matter.
> I can go into MythWeb and explicitly activate the earlier recording,
> but would like to figure out if there is some way to avoid having to
> do so.
> Thanks,
> Bill Bogstad
> P.S. It may be that this is an old bug as I'm running an ancient version:
> MythTV Version   : 21928M
> MythTV Branch    : branches/release-0-21-fixes
> Network Protocol : 40
> Library API      : 0.21.20080304-1

Are you saying it records the later showing instead of the first showing 
(versus saying that it records both showings)?

If so, MythTV only does that if you have a conflict wherein 
higher-priority shows occupy all tuners on the first airing or when you 
tell MythTV to record the later showings with:

Reschedule higher priorities
Move higher priority programs to other cards and showings when resolving 
conflicts. This can be used to record lower priority programs that would 
otherwise not be recorded, but risks missing a higher priority program 
if the schedule changes.

(which is enabled by default).  You can disable that setting, then it 
will always record the first showing (except in the above-mentioned case 
of conflicts, at which point you can add manual overrides to do what you 


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