[mythtv-users] Cooling data centres (Was: raid array spin down possible?)

Keith Pyle kpyle at austin.rr.com
Wed Sep 28 02:11:29 UTC 2011

On 09/27/11 17:50, Simon Hobson wrote:
> Not just Google - I've seen quite a few announcements, including on
> in somewhere hot (Arizona comes to mind but I'm not sure of that). In
> at least one case, I think they basically talked of making the sides
> of the building into shutters - when the outside air is cool enough
> they turn off the chillers and open the shutters, when the air is too
> warm then they turn the chillers back on and close the shutters.
> All in all, given the rising cost of electricity, and the PR issues
> around big datacentres, there's no really insurmountable problem for
> a lot of people in temperate climates.
Take a look at http://opencompute.org/.  This is Facebook's data center
design that uses external air with humidity control.  The first is in
Prineville, OR and they're working on a second in North Carolina.  They
include their server designs, too.


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