[mythtv-users] Spin up delay for HDDs

digid myth digidmyth at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 09:39:35 UTC 2011

PXE is pretty fast. I have tried hard drives, thumb drives, small cheap
SSD's etc in the front ends and overall PXE is a better solution for me. It
also makes managing and updating the front ends very convenient. I have some
notes on my web page at www.wentztech.com/radio on getting it to work. Some
of the info is dated based on my version of ubuntu on the server, and is
more of a notes page for what I had to do to get it working for future
reference. I recently upgraded to the latest .24 and it was very easy to
apply to all the front ends, just had to upgrade my image on the server with
apt-get and reboot all the FE's. Final tweaks/configs based on the FE's all
being different hardware were done on the FE's which are automatically saved
to the server. I am very happy with this solution for multiple reasons.
Power usage, heat gene ration is down on the FE's as the hard drives etc
have been removed. Fans could be slowed down or removed as a result. Adding
a new FE is quick and painless. I only have to make changes in one place,
and simply reboot the FE's for the changes to take place. The other nice
thing is that you can see what files on each FE have changed from the master
image.  As stated the only down side is that I have not been able to suspend
the FE's reliably due to their file systems being NFS shares etc. One of my
hobbies seems to have become getting my myth system as power efficient as I
can, and when I have time I will peruse this more. I have figured that it
cost me about 1.00 per watt per year in power on things that are on 24x7. My
backend is averaging about 85 watts of power so is costing me $85.00 per
year in power to run. (It does lots of other things besides being a back end
for Myth) The front ends idle out at about 15 watts or so with the hard
drives removed so there is not a lot if incentive to try and reduce their
power usage too much, from a financial standpoint.

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