[mythtv-users] Use local fan-art on recordings screen

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Tue Sep 27 00:31:55 UTC 2011

As long as you follow the naming conventions for artwork you can just 
put that graphics file in the appropriate fanart directory. In your case 
check the fanart directory to see the naming convention.
If it is a scheduled TV show the graphics should be picked up 
automatically. If these videos are in MythVideo then you should go 
through the menus for metadata and added the fanart file path.

Just a note if you are using Mythbuntu 0.23 or 0.24 there is a cronjob 
automatically installed that removes unused graphic artwork. You should 
disable that cronjob just in case it deletes your personal fanart. This 
cronjob uses a script called jamu.py with the janitor option (-MJ) and 
is set up to run once a week. Disabling that cronjob means over time you 
will accumulate graphic files you no longer need but that should not be 
a big deal.

Good luck

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