[mythtv-users] Spin up delay for HDDs

Ramon Hofer ramonhofer at bluewin.ch
Sun Sep 25 15:35:36 UTC 2011

Hi all

I'm planning to upgrade my backend server with a 8 disc RAID.
I'm not yet sure if I need a RAID6 or if a RAID 5 is enough.
Any thoughts?

I'm concerned about my PSU. It's 460 W and in my server are already
6 HDDs.
My idea was to delay the spin up of the HDDs.
I have a Netgear ReadyNAS which spins up the discs one after the other.
Google couldn't tell me how to do this manually. I only found that some
HDDs have jumpers that can be set to delay the spining up.

Can I use hdparm to set spin up delays for each disc?
Or is there something else to do this?
Or is the only alternative buying a bigger PSU?

I suppose that many of you have lots of HDDs in your backends. How did
you solve this problem?

Bw: Does anyody have experience with Exsys products?
The EX-3403 is a 8 disc controller without RAID functionality (but
since I want to use mdadm this is no problem).
It looks promising and corresponding to a comment on my dealers
homepage it should work under linux.


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