[mythtv-users] HVR-950Q analog not sound after channel change

Stephen Atkins satkins at inetdesign.org
Sat Sep 24 17:37:13 UTC 2011

I've read a lot of old threads on various forums and lists but haven't 
seen a solution.

I have a HVR-950Q (model 72001 rev B3F0) that is connected to my analog 
cable source.  I don't want or have the digital side setup in Myth.

It works fine when I initially start watching live tv.  When I change 
channels the video keeps working but the audio goes away.  To get it 
back I have to exit live tv and start it again.  I have not tried a 
recording on this tuner yet as the machine is usually shutdown if I'm 
not watching something on it (recordings or live tv).


Stephen Atkins

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