[mythtv-users] lirc help for Fedora 15

Paul mylists at wilsononline.id.au
Sat Sep 24 03:07:39 UTC 2011

I'm having no luck getting my remote control to work correctly,  I'm pretty close except 
that the RC frequently drops or doesn't send keys to MythTV. ie  if I press down twice 
mostly I only get one down.
I've tested with irw and same problem.

I'm just wondering do I need to change my lircd.conf after the FC15 upgrade?
My guess is there is some conflict or timing issue which is affecting the performance of LIRC.

Note this worked perfectly prior to the upgrade in FC13.

Note it uses the NEC driver.

[root at mythbox ~]# lsmod | grep ir
nf_conntrack_irc        3757  0
nf_conntrack           56146  8 
ir_lirc_codec           3626  0
lirc_dev               11152  1 ir_lirc_codec
ir_sony_decoder         1785  0
ir_jvc_decoder          1870  0
ir_rc6_decoder          2270  0
ir_rc5_decoder          1702  0
ir_nec_decoder          2226  0
rc_core                14667  11 
firewire_ohci          22642  0
firewire_core          41740  1 firewire_ohci
crc_itu_t               1243  1 firewire_core


[root at mythbox ~]# cat /etc/lirc/lircd.conf

# this config file was automatically generated
# using lirc-0.8.0(devinput) on Tue Jan 24 03:34:34 2006
# brand:                        DNTV Live! DVB-T Pro
# model no. of remote control:
# devices being controlled by this remote:

begin remote

   name  DNTVLivePro
   bits           16
   eps            30
   aeps          100

   one             0     0
   zero            0     0
   pre_data_bits   16
   pre_data       0x8001
   gap          135786
   toggle_bit      0

       begin codes
           1                        0x0002
           2                        0x0003
           3                        0x0004
           4                        0x0005
           5                        0x0006
           6                        0x0007
           7                        0x0008
           8                        0x0009
           9                        0x000A
           0                        0x000B
           Cancel                   0x00DF
           Clear                    0x0163
           Back                     0x009E
           Tab                      0x000F
           Power                    0x0074
           Home                     0x0066
           LiveTV                   0x0179
           DigitalRadio             0x0182
           FMRadio                  0x0181
           Menu                     0x0185
           MenuUp                   0x0067
           MenuLeft                 0x0069
           MenuRight                0x006A
           Select                   0x0160
           MenuDown                 0x006C
           Vol+                     0x0073
           Vol-                     0x0072
           ChannelDown              0x0193
           ChannelUp                0x0192
           Rec                      0x00A7
           Play                     0x00CF
           Pause                    0x0077
           Stop                     0x0080
           REW                      0x00A8
           FFW                      0x00D0
           Replay                   0x00A5
           Skip                     0x00A3
           Capture                  0x00D4
           SAP                      0x0170
           PiP                      0x017A
           FullScreen               0x0177
           Subtitle                 0x0172
           Mute                     0x0071
           L/R                      0x0188
           Hibernate                0x008E
           A/V                      0x0189
           Recall                   0x019C
           Zoom+                    0x0174
           Zoom-                    0x0173
           DVD/VCD/Red              0x018E
           Music/Green              0x018F
           Pictures/Yellow          0x0190
           Video/Blue               0x0191
       end codes

end remote


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