[mythtv-users] VMWare move. Firewire - ? Need input

Scott Smith pickle136 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 22 21:24:54 UTC 2011

Yes lirc has support for both of these, there are really 2 main options the 
iguna-ir and command-ir (expensive).

I have not personally used either, ive just come across them while researching 
for possible channel changers. I ended up using firewire to my 6200.
But both of these are well known to mythtv users and im sure if you search or 
ask you can get more details.
Although you would still be trail blazing and taking some risk in that your 
hoping that the usb passthrough will work with these devices.

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On 09/22/2011 02:51 PM, Scott Smith wrote: 
There is one other option if you do have usb passthrough           and that is 
ir blasters.
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>On 09/22/2011 02:04 PM, Tyler T wrote:
>> VMWare ESX supports USB passthrough, so you may be able             to purchase 
>> USB->Firewire adapter, connect the USB device to             your VM, and 
>> change channels via Firewire.
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>Also an excellent idea.  I have been unable to find such a             device 
>though.  I dont think they exist.
>Correct me if I am wrong however.  It would need to be an             actual 
>external USB firewire device I think.  Not just a converter             cable.
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Right, would that use LIRC?  If you could give me a little info on     how those 
work, I would appreciate it.
I just want to keep it nice and simple.
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