[mythtv-users] Storing recordings on network share

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Wed Sep 21 23:47:09 UTC 2011

On 9/21/2011 19:29, linux guy wrote:
> Would a single back end have enough HP to run Myth and be a NAS server 
> ?   What if there is a high demand for disk services on the NAS from 
> time to time ?

If MythTV is writing to local disks, and those disks are not being 
accessed separately from MythTV, then you can saturate the network and 
MythTV won't care.  Make sure you OS and database are also not on disks 
that would see high demand from other applications.

> What if the Myth BE needs to serve 1080 content to 3 to 5 FEs, some of 
> them requiring transcoding?

Serving content is trivial, as trivial as recording it in the first 
place.  All you're looking at is streaming some 14-18mbps over the 
network.  More importantly, if you briefly saturate the disk, who 
cares.  You get a bit of stuttering on the frontend.  It's not like the 
recording is damaged in any manner.

MythTV does not support transcoding for frontends, either native ones, 
or ones used over UPnP/DNLA.  All transcoding will have to be done 
offline ahead of time.  Set the jobqueue to run the transcoding tasks at 
low priority.  If that's not sufficient, set the time constraints so 
that transcoding is not being done during recording.

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