[mythtv-users] unable to change channel when I've reached max number recordings on tuner

Tim Draper veehexx at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 10:20:57 UTC 2011

> I'm not going to answer your direct question, as someone else can probably
> explain it more clearly. But...

> >
> > If you have a recording going, then you should just be able to watch it
> (from
> > the beginning, if you wish!) simply by finding it in your media library.
> It will
> > probably be a different colour since it is still going, but there's no
> reason
> > you can't watch it.
> >
> > Don't forget, if you access LiveTV what you are really doing is recording
> > another copy of the program onto disk, which then gets dumped... cue
> thrashing
> > of heads on disks as both get recorded - *and* both get seek info written
> to the
> > database at the same time!
> >
> Exactly, Live TV is a contract between you and MythTV where you steal a
> tuner away from MythTV so you have full control over that tuner.
> Therefore, you can't have Live TV when all your tuners are otherwise
> busy--you have to watch recordings at that point (including the
> recording-in-progress that appears at the top of Watch Recordings).
since you worded it like that, it makes sense now :)
im still a bit confused over the 'multiplex' ability though. i can record 2
shows on 1 input IF they are on the same multiplex, but yet i cant liveTV
watch and record the same channel, if i have an available multiplex channel?

fwiw, i record the 7h long British Touring Car. i tend to skip some races,
as i primarily watch it for the actual BTCC race. race times are around
11.30am, 2pm, and 4.45pm. thats alot of fast forwarding when i'd expect to
be able to able to watch the livetv feed on the available multiplex.

maybe i've miss understood how livetv/recordings and multi-tuner setups
work. with your reply Michael, it makes sense, but I'm seeing two sides to
the coin here...
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