[mythtv-users] capture card not detected as mythtv user --SOLVED

Jonathan Larson jtlarson at u.washington.edu
Mon Sep 19 22:35:08 UTC 2011

>I didn't think case was important for hostnames or in MySQL, but it is interesting that the failing one uses LASRSVM and the working one uses lasrsvm.

Your response helped me look into this issue and find the solution--it wasn't the case of the MBE hostname that was the problem, but something similar. 

The local host name for that box is LASRS441 (uppercase), but when I add a tuner in mythtv-setup, I can see that the entry made in mythconverg is lasrs441 (lowercase). 

 Apparently, I had two copies of mysql.txt (I thought one was symlinked to the other)--one in the user profile used to run mythtv-setup with a "LocalHostName=lasrs441"; and the other in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt with no "LocalHostName" value. Thus--when I set up any capture cards, they inherited the "LocalHostName=lasrs441" value in mythconverg; but when I start the myth BE process, it would default to the /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt, and finding no "LocalHostName" value, would revert to the /etc/hostname value of "LASRS441" causing the capture card not found errors...

Lessons? Make sure you only have on mysql.txt; make sure that it is accessible to all mythtv processes; and realize that the hostname field in mythconverge>capturecard (and presumably elsewhere) is case-sensitive.

Thanks to Bill and Michael for the suggestions.

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