[mythtv-users] bad frame concealment ffmpeg vs VDPAU

Wil nodenet at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 19 13:19:06 UTC 2011

> Your experience matches mine - VDPAU doesn't seem to conceal bad
> frames at all. Given that decoding is performed by a dedicated ASIC,
> I'm not sure it's even possible for nVidia to correct this on existing
> hardware.

Me either, but if mentioned to them perhaps future hardware may include a
fix or maybe they will deem fit to produce some sort of filter that could be
called up as part of the feature set. 

> Personally, it doesn't bother me - putting up with one or two
> "hiccups" per show is far outweighed by the superior deinterlacing.
> - Chris

I actually use ffmpeg with the VDPAU render / deinterlacer. This seems to
work very well for me. I didn't see any warnings in the log that this was a
problem or that it had fallen back to some other settings. 

2011-09-19 01:31:56.379 VDPAU: Created 2 output surfaces.
2011-09-19 01:31:56.379 VDPAU: Created VDPAU render device 1920x1080
2011-09-19 01:31:56.474 Player(4): Video timing method: USleep with busy
2011-09-19 01:31:56.475 TV: Changing from None to WatchingVideo
2011-09-19 01:31:56.514 VDPAU: Added 2 output surfaces (total 4, max 4)

I also did do some specific testing to make sure that deinterlacing was
occurring and can confirm that it still does the job.

Admittedly it's a pretty small problem but even my cheapo STB does suppress
bad frames. I did some side by side testing on the same content and although
the STB can produce a break in audio when outputting AC3 the video is mostly
kept clean. I think if nVidia is looking to produce a well rounded solution
they still need to cover there bases.

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