[mythtv-users] DVB-S2 PCI-express cards

Martin Bene Martin.Bene at icomedias.com
Mon Sep 19 11:12:41 UTC 2011

> What are people's experiences with the various DVB-S2 cards.

I've so far experimented with 4 different DVB-S2 Cards in my (Mythbuntu 11.04 based) boxes. I don't have any programs with symbolrate > 27500K, so can't say if/which cards would be able to handle that.:

TT 1600 (PCI)
        Single Tuner, no CI. Have three of these in "production" in one of my systems. Works OK with out-of-the box drivers.

TT3200 with CI (PCI)
        Single Tuner, with CI: Gave up on this card because of stability/tuning issues. Tuning to S2 Channels was slow and sometimes didn't work at all resulting in empty recordings. Same Problem both with current DVB Driver repository and stock drivers. CI is supported and works well.

TerraTec Cinergy S2 with CI (PCI)
        Single Tuner, Partially supported (no support for CI). Worked OK while I was testing, but ended up returning it because of the missing CI Support [my error - DVB Wiki clearly states that CI doesn't work].

TBS 6981 (PCIe, Dual DVB-S2)
        Dual Tuner, no CI. No In-Kernel Drivers, Vendor drivers contain binary-only frontend drivers, so probably won't be included in kernel any time soon. Vendor drivers are based on an older version of the V4L Driver repository with older IR/RC infrastructure, so there's incompatibility with IR/RC modules like mceusb. This issue should be fixed by next triver version promised for end of September that should bring the TBS drivers to current version of RC/IR infrastructure. Nevertheless: Card runs very well, fast tuning times and no reliability issues so far. I'm using two of these in my 2nd system.

Both The Cinergy S2 and the TBS Card need extra power; the Cinergy S2 uses a standard molex receptacle [like old HDD/Cdrom drive], the TBS Card takes a 6-PIN Power plug like high-end Graphics cards. Adapter for molex is supplied.

Hope this helps,


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